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Shout Out Bitch


  1. Akinolabar says:
    Shout out time. Seriously what it's just starting. I got everybody get on before we talk to in today's title was shout outs, so there's a lot of people got a lot of stuff going on right now that we need to get shout outs to it just hit me and being the cool colleague that I am and the supporter that I am I figured we will shout out a whole lot of people on this shit, but you gotta get ready.
  2. Narg says:
    Karma is not a bitch as most people love saying that when something bad happens to them or their friends, I understand that but it doesn't exist for the reason of punishing you for your bad thoughts and actions That's not the reason Karma is here but then why is Karma here, according to the ancient philosophers the law of Karma exists and.
  3. Voodootaur says:
    Shout-out. likes · 3 talking about this. Personal Blog.
  4. Nazuru says:
    Sep 09,  · Ain't no bitches like my bitch, she the richest In my hood like a hater, we got killas Don't fuck with us, don't fuck with us Shout out to my zoes, shout out to my woes Shout to my bitches, shout.
  5. Samulmaran says:
    Where’s my shoutout bitch?? I’ve been feeling for a while I’m being replaced by my best friend. She of course denies it. Well her birthday basically proved it. Months ago I got a birthday shot glass and a birthday sash for my so called best friend. I mailed her a birthday card. Apparently she got the card in the mail but never.
  6. Shakara says:
    Shout Out Rap #2 Lyrics: I'm here to kick frees / And lately, I had about approximately / One-hundred, maybe a thousand and forty-three / People say "Nicco.D can you put a song with my name in the.
  7. Tojajind says:
    I read that whole girl be. Trying to send me to do your dirty work girl Get your ass out. call and tell her my bitch you're gonna do it. bitch. I ain't your food. Oh, she just made me hi, she's made a little pussy. See that little pussy Saving me to do her dirty work. You don't wanna send out that laying on your bed. Shout out to my two they said.
  8. Tell says:
    Shout Out To Your Main Bitch. Shout To Her Neck. It's Cold Outside I Aint Got Time To Play So Please Dont Get Wet. Its Just me With My Young Boy At Your Front Door With The Teck. Aint Shit For Free. That's It For Me I Demand A Check. Shout Out To My Weed Man, I Call Him The Geek Squad. I Smoke Too Much, I Just Lost My Thoughts, I'm Feelin like.
  9. Metaxe says:
    Furthermore, the entirety of The Mask Of Malevolence is one big shout out to Majora's Mask. The history of the mask also happened a long, long time ago on a continent far, far away. but then we find out that she's an Asshole Victim Bitch in Sheep's Clothing and kills people that reminds you of Aria from how Akame ga Kill! began.

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